it is every

it is the suicide
without a note
and the minutes
and the months
that follow;
every second
second guessing.

it is a knock down
in the first round,
but he gets up
at the nine count
to take you to ten.

it is second and goal
on the one
and they pass
instead of run.

it is self doubt
winning out;
lights too bright
to see the stars.

it is a tulip
without bloom;
a headless stem
standing still amidst
your frozen footprint.

it is the last kiss
in the driveway
before she pulls away.

it is a false spring
and it always begins
with a sunnier forecast
the days and the weeks
before winter returns.

of course,
it is not so bad
if you are paid
to work the plow
or if you happen to be one
who has learned by now
to take it,
as it comes.

written on 03/23/2015 by: Matt Kane