falling in and out of love again

Wet leaves coat car windows
and frost fills the creases
of evergreen needles.

I want to be where it’s warm.

Not near the smell of hospitals
in winter.
But bar tables bent by the flicker
of burning kerosene.

Take me away,
American love
from your dark mythos
of Disney princesses
grown up and beaten
by GI Joe Jimminey Crickets.

I want to be Leonard Cohen
in his pine box,
wearing mittens
cuz it’s cold where life leaves us,
neglected but by rot.

I want to be where it’s warm.

Somewhere in memory,
but somewhere out there,
not here.
Somewhere I’d be
in the great hall
of unconscious history;
where the bees buzz
and know the soft scent of skin,
so take mercy not to sting.

written on 01/03/2018 by: Matt Kane