EXODUS 1:1:11

As red wing blackbirds fall out of midnight
like frogs on borders of our monuments,
we celebrate the new year we will serve.
We cheer on a greater deficit than ones
we were born into;
Betting on bad loans in stock markets until
almost everyone loses a house or home.

Wearing top hats, we rejoice in oil spills.
Blowing out through shiny metal horns,
we trumpet squawking, smug executives
who make millions and billions— but still
pay fewer taxes than the jobless fishermen,
excavating oily skeletons from the once white sand,
where these greasy pelicans first hatched from.
We honor the energy of these idle slaves
in brave televised commercials, advertising
the same brand name initials which are criminal—
but instead of prison, get fines in predicted amounts.

And in our whirling dervish of drunken stumbling,
more blind will collide. More life will suffer, wobble, and
fall over the edge toward extinction; But first, will rot
with us. More-and-more confusion will come
in the tremble of explosions that shakes the earth like dice
or champagne bottles popped open by fools, all wrong.
So wrong. And we are drenched by their madness.
We are sprayed in our eyes, blinded by the absolute idiocy
of this greedy revelry, until we join in the same slobbering orgy,
unsure of who is really giving or receiving the fuck.

And the exodus will continue.
Our guests will flee the party;
Their homes; The Country.
Soon, it will rain cats and dogs.
Still leashed to their owners,
the people will follow
and all fall down
like blackbirds
at midnight,
while we celebrate a once great country, divided
by the hungry, by the power, and by the dollar,

We will strike the ground as one species, alone.
And nobody will be left to excavate our bodies,
except for maybe the pelicans and other life on earth
that we didn’t have time
to finish the job on.

We are lost
because we are losing.
And we deserve it
because we are choosing.
We are helpless
because it was too late
by the time we even got here.

And everyone, no matter what religion, what ideology, what color, what creed, what profit they made—
All the people, everywhere,
all at once will scream it.
AMEN, while the buildings topple.
AMEN, while the oceans crawl to a standstill.
AMEN, while the sun explodes in our eyes.
AMEN, while blackbirds pick at our skeletons—
to de-evolve back into dinosaurs.
AMEN, to begin again.

written on 01/04/2011 by: Matt Kane