escape me

Disinherit my body
all your affections.
I will not need them
after you are gone.
I will need nothing.
I will just sit,
crouched beneath yellow bed sheets;
A flimsy cardboard paper tube holds up my fort,
leftover from uncelebrated birthdays
and unremarkable holidays.
There will be no light.
There will just be my voice
reciting poetry—
loud like a tornado siren;
Quiet like a dripping faucet.
Visitors will come,
bringing me the crusts
cut off
from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
They will stay awhile,
wanting me to invite them in—
so I do,
but after a while their own busyness will take precedence
and they will leave me,
just like you have.
And I will need nothing again.
Enough time will pass since the last I saw you
and I won’t even need my voice anymore—
because it will largely be replaced by own mind,
chattering away at shadows;
Attempting to replicate love—
between dust and a sun beam,
between silence and the rain,
between blurry vision and the clap of my large hands.
This is all I have anymore—
and the sad truth is,
I don’t even need them.
I just need you.

written on 04/05/2010 by: Matt Kane