is gained
in the authentic
reclamation of voice,
attributable only to one self.

Some think
it is the place they live,
visit, or leave.
Some think
it is the people they see,
befriend, or aid.
Some think
it is what they make,
sell, or destroy.

Credibility is not gained
by a name drop, applause—
or by imitation or dedication.

Celebrity is not necessarily credibility,
although these two are confused;
Used interchangeably,
often by those with neither.

Credibility cannot be borrowed.
It must be owned—
but cannot be bought or sold.
Once you have it,
credibility is yours
to give away or have taken back.
You can die with it—
but the living may have other plans.

Credibility is sharing at the subatomic level
some quark—
some spark, which traces its history
to the first. The one we go back to—
instantly, when we hear your words.
Metaphorically speaking, having sipped
the same singular molecule of water, H20,
which the master pissed out
decades before you were born—
and joining that bond inside of you
on the cellular level, for some time.
Credibility is carrying that forward,
beyond death— in spite of life,
and into another, who does the same.

Credibility is so miniscule—
it is nearly unattainable.
Measuring it requires God.
God requires faith.
And faith requires belief—
that out of all this,
one can be special, important;
Credible, without saying or doing
one thing.

written on 02/14/2011 by: Matt Kane