They talk
about how they lost everything
in 2008;
the crash.
They talk
about how this time is different.
This time, they’re ready.
They got a stack of green backs.
They’re diversified.
Most of all, they already know
what it’s like to lose everything.
“I’m ready,” they grit their teeth.
“Bring it on.”

I laugh.
I know losing everything
means losing people.
Maybe even just
It’s meaningful people
and meaningful days
I’ve stacked since
the crash.
Not stock.
Not cash.
Not dividends.
Not sats.
Meaningful people
meaningful days.

But I get it.
The crash;
it’s here and it’s taking.
But what’s brought it
will take from us
more than our money.
The virus threatens
to take our everything;
that one person
we want that future with.
That one person
who could have been
my everything
if only the crash of 2013
hadn’t been a bang.

Well, the crash comes.
The crash goes.
We regret everything
we did,
everything we didn’t.
We’re told to wash our hands
and hold.
I just don’t want to
anyone new
anyone old.
I don’t want to lose
my people;
the only real value
I ever found in this life.

I’ve lost everything
more than once.
I’ll lose it again if I must.
I’ll lose and I’ll lose
and I’ll keep losing
until I’m the one that is lost.
But until then,
meaningful people
meaningful days,
stacked in my life
like some stack sats.
I don’t claim to know better.
I just happen to’ve learned worse.

I wish you all well.
Wash your hands
and cover your mouth
when you cough.

written on 03/12/2020 by: Matt Kane