Looking down from the tall
building, I see the people
scattering— all
different colors, in different directions;
Like pills spilled out
upon the bathroom tile, while
I catch myself from falling down
along with the reds, whites, and blues.
Tumbling forever, the people down there
never seem to stop. But I do. I stop;
Just long enough to remember.
Then, I descend
and join them
down there
to scatter;
Each day;
Each and every miserable new day.
I’ll miss them all, down there.
But right now, remembering—
I just want to forget.
Make me forget.
Please, just that.
Pull the hood down, over mine eyes.
Make me forget.
Please, just that.
I just want to hear that song again
and nothing else, except maybe
the rain coming down
and her footsteps approaching
from whatever direction
she decides is best.

written on 08/28/2011 by: Matt Kane