Contemplation of Loss

On these days,
the coffee remains hot.
It has to.
The rain drips in Summer.
The sky so blue in December.
I contemplate my losses
and yell obscenities
at the dogs who interrupt me,
barking from the alley.
Their owners always suppose
I am yelling at them,
because it is always
who retort,
never their dog.

“Don’t you start with me, asshole.
I’m telling your dog
to shut the fuck up.
You’re fine.
Until just now, you hadn’t made a sound.
It’s your dog that’s my problem.”

This almost always works.
The dog and the man
almost always back down.
And I sit back down
at my desk.
Continue typing.
Continue my contemplation of loss.
Before long, I haven’t written anything of value
and either I just began to really suck as a writer
or I haven’t really lost anything at all.
I almost always reassure myself of the later.
Then it’s time for more coffee.

written on 06/21/2010 by: Matt Kane