Christian Self Image

She looked at herself
slowly in the mirror,
up and down a white
freckled menagerie;
Observing her naked
She couldn’t help
but touch herself.
Still, she felt clean;
Hot July air coming
through silhouetted
curtains. The sweet
pear juice still on her
tongue, while she bit
her bottom lip; Teary-
eyed and restless. The
sun so high in the sky,
beating out her chest—
reddening flocks of goose
bumps swelling up and down
that white freckled menagerie;
Her body; His spirit inside of hers,
coming true, observing her naked
Christian-self-image from the inside.

In that mirror,
imagining Him,
she Believed;
And that was
good enough
for Heaven—
dying a virgin
at seventeen
on a Sunday afternoon
somewhere in Indiana.

Later, she put on a tank top,
gray sweat pants,
and went to the mall
in search of shoes.
Trying each pair on,
she looked in the mirror.

written on 08/18/2011 by: Matt Kane