You can smell it
in the French perfume
bottled in China.
And taste it
in the Black Forest ham,
whose pigs were fed
prostitutes in America.

Las Vegas Showgirls too,
all with college degrees.

There is a recipe for indecency
and How-To-Video for everything.
Learn to read stereo instructions
without batting an eye—
and you will learn to paint reproductions
like Old Masters; And sell your works back
to the Jewish heritage museums
whose originals were stolen by corpses
to be burned alongside brown eyed books.

Only so many remain—
and of those, time conquers the rest.

Next time you see a red striped label
which implies the maker was GENUINE,
tear it off and tell your children
they might be next. YOU NEVER DO KNOW;
And that is the best lesson of them all.

written on 11/21/2010 by: Matt Kane