I sit and tap my keys
while the cat
lays and tosses her tail.
We’re both at work inside
each of our open windows.
Hers is big and breezier.
Mine is a bit brighter.
She makes cat calls
to her birds
and I make lookup calls
to my thesaurus.
When I move my
right hand to the keys,
her tail catches the mouse.
She right clicks and suddenly
I can’t type my lines
until I left click, off.
Then I move my hand
to the keys
and she clicks it again.
We’re playing
cat and mouse
with poetry.
At least she hasn’t shat
the litter box yet.
And my choice of words
have avoided that foul odor;
So far today, anyway.
But then,
some things are unavoidable.
Cat shit and bad poetry will always prevail.

written on 01/05/2013 by: Matt Kane