I had a lady friend over and we had finished
the first bottle. So I pulled out the second.
I was excited about Pomegranate Wine.
I’d never had that. Neither had she.
I put in the corkscrew— twisted and pulled.
Such a mess came out. It was bad cork—
the kind I’d heard about and the reason why
screw caps and plastic was becoming
all the rave in the American wine industry.
I skipped into the next room and came out
with my electric screwdriver.
I put in a pretty big bit— plugged it in—
and pushed in what was left of the cork.
So we finally had our pomegranate wine—
Even without the bad cork, it tasted awful.
Sometimes, life is just trying to warn you—
but when you’ve got an electric screwdriver,
it’s hard to hear what life is trying to tell you.

written on 12/29/2010 by: Matt Kane