5:53 p.m. Sunday.

The apartment is filthy today.
I have been distracted,
trying to write
but these
are the first words I have managed.
I should clean the kitchen,
empty the sink of dishes
so that
I may fill the sink
My stomach protests loud;
Hurting me.
I have not eaten since breakfast,
when I made myself
thick slice of French toast
and one
pan fried banana;
Drizzled the vanilla extract,
Grated the nutmeg,
Dashed the cinnamon,
Poured on the maple syrup;
Tasted awesome.
I should eat again soon.
I should clean
or this mess
or both.
But I have a feeling
that if I only keep going,
keep typing,
keep trying,
this one might become
wasting the day for.

written on 06/14/2010 by: Matt Kane