I am where the sun struggles
to burn itself into alleyways;
where dark mist relents;
where cloud ceilinged caverns
twinkle golden grout
as long dreary shadows fall,
sprinting down
to where men stood pissing
the night before.

Over the Sound,
blue sky breaks silver water
as a ferry horn
parts the sound of swishing
viaduct traffic.

I am alone, but for memory
of friends I once strode
these brown brick-lined streets with.
I am alone, but for memory
of my white Zeitgeist mocha
steaming turbulent shapes
up the entry to my brain,
as I prepared to board that sideways train.

I am forever wherever I have been;
where the sun struggles better than I did.
A place and a time that was never mine.
But no matter, I decide. No matter,
what was never mine. I remember.
That’s enough.

written on 03/06/2015 by: Matt Kane