“the ocean never loved me”

The ocean never loved me
the same as the prairie.
The cruise ship never stirred me
like the train whistle lulls me.
The salt air never blessed me
with the sneeze of the rag weed.

The ocean never loved me.
I’m coming home to the prairie.

The moonlight never loved me
the same as the T.V.
The soul is second guessing
half my reason for living.
The garden is undressing
like eyelids at midnight.

The ocean never loved me.
The ocean never told me.

The coffee is my wake up
from cold frozen fingers,
sliding down my shoulders
like water from the river—
that does not reach the ocean
that does not ever love me.
The coffee tastes like coffee
that my grandmother serves me.

narrative poem written on 06-30-2010 by: on mattkane.com
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